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Obama’s Inspectors General Were Impotent

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In justifying his upcoming vote for the FISA Amendments Act, Barack Obama tried to soothe his supporters’ outrage by saying that, although ordinary routes of justice and investigation against George W. Bush’s spying crimes against the American people were being cut off, an Inspectors General report would still provide accountability.

Specifically, Obama cited an Inspectors General report into politically-biased hiring practices as a “strong example” of the accountability that could occur through the FISA Amendments Act. That sounds great, but what form did that accountability actually take?

Irregular Times looked into the matter, and here’s the sad truth of what they found about the so-called “accountability” of the Inspectors General investigation that Obama cited:

– No one was held accountable.

There were no arrests. No fines. No trials. No one got fired, or even suspended. No one even got disciplined.

Nothing happened to anybody.

All that happened is that the Inspectors General wrote a report.

When Barack Obama cites the Inspectors General investigation of the hiring practices at the Department of Justice, as a “a strong example of the accountability” that might still occur after the FISA Amendments Act gives telecommunications companies retroactive immunity: Someone, years from now, will write a report.

That’s not accountability.

George W. Bush and the telecommunications corporations committed high crimes against the American people. They watched us online. They read our emails. They tapped our telephone calls. They violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

They plan to keep on doing it, with Barack Obama’s help.

And Barack Obama thinks that a report, written years from now, will provide accountability?!?

How stupid does Barack Obama think we are?